The Tenet team is excited to announce its partner for distributing TEN tokens on Ethereum — the inimitable Polkastarter!

IDO Details on Polkastarter

About Tenet

TEN Token Metrics

  • Total Token Supply — 7.65 million $TEN
  • 5.72 M $TEN are ERC20 (75%)
  • 1.93 M $TEN are BEP20 (25%)
  • $TEN Price at IFO/IDO — $1
  • $TEN Initial Market Cap — $1.53M
  • $TEN Fully Diluted Market Cap — $7.65M

How to Whitelist for the $TEN Polkastarter Event

  • Public Pool — 1500 participants
  • POLS Pool — 700 participants
  • Ensure that the form is properly filled out and each step in the typeform is followed.
  • Use a Twitter account with at least 10 followers or is older than December 15, 2020.
  • Ensure that the “social media proof” link is submitted from the correct account.
  • Don’t forget to follow our socials on Twitter, Telegram chat and Telegram announcement channel!

Whitelisting Timeline

  • January 2 midnight UTC — Whitelisting Portal Opens
  • January 3 midnight UTC — Whitelisting Portal Closes
  • January 4 — Whitelist is Published
  • January 5 7am UTC — Simultaneous IFO/IDO on Pancake/Polkastarter
  • January 5 8am UTC — Trading Starts on Pancake Swap and Uniswap


  • How do I know if my address is safelisted or not?
  • If I am lucky enough to get whitelisted, does that mean I have a $TEN allocation?
  • Why is there a max cap per person? What if 1 ETH per address is not enough?
  • It shows a really high gas fee on my Metamask when I transact. Why so?



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